About JoAnne

JoAnne Kushi’s classes reflect her many years of healing and creating vitality with organic, traditional cooking and food preparation.

She healed her lifetime of chronic illnesses by changing from a S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) to an organic whole food, primarily plant based diet from which she achieved incredible vitality and clarity.

Raising five children, all with different needs and energy, gave her further opportunity to learn and practice balanced, good health and wellness on a daily basis for over 40 years. JoAnne had all natural pregnancies and childbirths.

No infections of any kind have occurred in her family for over 30 years, and her children have had only minor dental or health issues. JoAnne found that dietary and lifestyle adjustments along with natural remedies was the key to smooth, adaptable and vibrant growth.

JoAnne has consistently maintained her ideal weight, even through motherhood. She has relied on a wholefood diet, primarily plant based, with a focus on organic and locally grown. Fresh and living foods are key to vibrancy and creativity, while properly cooked traditional foods give strength, stamina and focus.

Even as a senior, JoAnne feels and looks vibrant. She continues to keeps an incredibly active life style, filled with adventure, sports, a youthful attitude, compassion and gratitude.

JoAnne loves sharing what she has learned and experienced, and finds great satisfaction in helping others create wellness for themselves, their children, and loved ones.

  • Organic, whole food chef since 1980.
  • Cooking teacher since 1983.
  • Studied sprouting, fermentation, and raw, living foods at Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston.
  • Worked and studied with numerous holistic doctors, while healing herself and supporting others in their healing. Utilized diet, herbs, various detoxing methods, and body energetics in overcoming food and environmental allergies with great success.
  • Studied various traditional, local cuisines and their effects on human health and development in Europe, Asia and other countries.
  • Worked and lived at the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts studying and teaching macrobiotics. Supported many people in their healing of terminal illnesses using macrobiotic principles and diet.
  • Studied at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York.